Austin City Council 


THANKS TO THOSE WHO VOTED FOR ME! I am honored by your support, and I appreciate all your communications and positive feedback.

IF YOU STILL WANT CHANGE, please join me in shifting your support to JENNIFER VIRDEN.

JENNIFER VIRDEN DEFEATED the other 5 challengers (including me), and she will now be in a RUNOFF ELECTION against Alter, the incumbent. Virden needs our support to expel the source of appeasement in our district, and to lead a renaissance of healthy accountability and fiscal sanity on the Austin City Council.

I WAS YOUR CANDIDATE, but now I'm out of the race. Please put December 15, 2020 on your calendar in order to finish the HOUSE CLEANING at City Hall. Let's complete the voting out of a City Council member who has failed to represent our interests fully and unapologetically. Let's elect a true winner.

Go, Jennifer Virden!

Watch this 3-minute video to learn about Ben Easton's stance on the Homelessness Issue.

Citizen Communication at the Austin City Council Meeting - September 19, 2019


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